Bryan Bundy

Bryan is from right here in Oklahoma, with a successful track record in the communications industry. He enjoys working with people to find a solution that fits their needs and continues to evaluate how that solution fits going forward. His 20+ years of experience comes from working for large national companies, all the way to creating, growing and selling his own communications company.

Session Topic:

Physical Preparation for a Breach

In the cyber world, we often talk about IT related systems breach, equipment and systems hack, and the dreaded ransomware. Today I will be talking about the physical aspects of a breach.

I will be going over how a data center, business continuity space, and how a designed physical DR plan make you prepared when and if some type of physical breach happens.

Bryan Bundy




Will the recordings be available after the event?

Yes, everybody registered will be emailed the recording copies.

can i attend the event in person?

At the moment, we’re planning on presenting S3CCON 2021 as a completely virtual event. If we decide to change and include some in person portions, we will let everybody know.

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