Chris Boykin

Chris is the Chief Technology Officer at Future Com and has been in the industry of over 25 years. He leads a team of cybersecurity and networking experts who work with hundreds of unique clients, which gives them the advantage of experiencing a variety architectures, threats, and breaches of all kinds. His team works diligently to help their clients prevent breaches, but also to help them recover and respond if they happen to meet that fate.

Chris built his career from the ground floor, from desktop support, to network engineering, to cybersecurity expert, to owning his own consulting firm. He is known for speaking at security conferences and holds many industry certifications such as CCIE, CISSP, and CCSP.

Session Topic:

Preventing Breaches in a Remote Workplace World

For over a year now we have been learning to work remotely instead of commuting to the office every day.  One of the biggest challenges, at the beginning, was obtaining remote access to our applications and data.  Once that was resolved, the tide shifted to preventing breaches in this new remote workplace world.

With most of the workforce now using their home computers, tablets, and phones to connect to corporate data from all over the world, the network security controls are no longer as effective as they once were.  This session will discuss methodologies and controls to help keep your business from becoming the next breach story on the 5 o’clock news.

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Yes, everybody registered will be emailed the recording copies.

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At the moment, we’re planning on presenting S3CCON 2021 as a completely virtual event. If we decide to change and include some in person portions, we will let everybody know.

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