Corey White

With a unique background in both content creation and business technology, Corey is focused on helping FPOV clients maximize technology within their organizations. He has a passion and proven record in digital storytelling. “I love telling stories,” says Corey. “When you can connect with an individual or a business on an emotional level, you create something really special.”

Raised in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, Corey graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BS is Broadcast Journalism. He has found working at Future Point of View has been both challenging and rewarding. “You’re constantly learning. Working around such extraordinary people and with such impressive clients, you definitely need to stay on your toes. But when you get so wrapped up in your work that you look at the clock and can’t believe it’s already time to go home, I suppose that is a pretty good indication that you love what you do.”

Session Topic:

Cyber Postmartum

What happens when you get breached but it’s not your fault, it’s your cloud vendor’s fault? In this presentation, Corey White, SVP Intelligence at Future Point of View, will discuss an alarming rise in cloud vendor and technology vendor exploitations, including recent cyber incidents around Microsoft Exchange, SolarWinds, and PrismHR. He will outline the steps leaders need to take to plan for these critical incidents in which preparation is difficult.




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