Jonathan Kimmitt

Jonathan currently serves as Chief Information Security Officer for the University of Tulsa.  His primary responsibility is the development and execution of the University’s IT Security & Data Privacy Compliance Initiatives.  Jonathan has 19 years of experience at TU in Information Services & Security Operations and has been involved with all aspects of information technology at the University. 

In August 2020, he was awarded the Fellow of Information Privacy from the IAPP for his contributions in privacy and cyber security.  He is a board member with the ISSA Oklahoma Chapter, an InfraGard IT Sector Chief, and an FBI Citizens Academy Alumni.  Speaking & teaching at over 40+ conferences/events/symposium, Jonathan enjoys providing back to the industry. With the understanding that Privacy and Cyber Security’s goal is to protect people, he actively works with industries, professionals, and leaders in Oklahoma to grow and develop their security and privacy postures for their organizations.

Session Topic:

Breaches are going to happen. How do you protect yourself?

Every time you look at the news there is another breach. Hackers regularly publicize your data as a trophy of their exploits. Many organizations do not have security professionals on staff to help them protect your data from these hackers. The sad truth is people have been harmed and have died from data breaches. 

The goal for cyber security and privacy professionals is to protect people. In this session we will talk about different ways you can protect yourself in the cyber world. From physical security tactics of your devices, to privacy tactics in the world of big data, we will cover tips and tricks to help better protect your personal information.

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