Lucas Chumley

With a decade’s experience in digital forensics and incident response, Lucas has assisted both large and small organizations in various industries with implementing security solutions and incident response procedures. As a solution architect at SentinelOne, Lucas draws on his back-ground to support incident response firms across the world with a range of expertise in incident handling, digital forensics, and approaches to detection and response.

Session Topic:

From Fad to Foe: Defending Against Weaponized AI

Initially dismissed as a buzzword by many security practitioners, our adversaries have now been utilizing AI for years. Today, the product of even crude AI can be indistinguishable to human perception and unlike other techniques used to deceive or destroy, AI doesn’t have to wait on a hu-man being to improve its efficacy. AI makes itself more elegant and more efficient with every additional data point it interacts with. Our adversaries understand that AI is an indispensable addition to their arsenal. From malware that learns how to deceive its target to misinformation campaigns designed to deplete a target of resources, AI allows a maximum return on investment by decimating the amount of time and effort spent on a desired result.

Drawn on Lucas’s own experience defending systems against attacks – both human and machine powered – this talk will explore how artificial intelligence is being weaponized against the organizations we defend and how security practitioners can harness AI in unique ways to protect against such attacks.

Lucas Chumley SentinelOne




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