Ross Rustici

Ross Rustici is a proven leader with over a decade of experience building threat intelligence capabilities for organizations from the ground up. He has managed all activities related to cyber threat and risk analysis while focusing on forward thinking strategies to improve defensive capabilities against threat actor activity. Before joining the private sector, Ross served in multiple positions within the United States Department of Defense where he led efforts to stymie foreign adversaries. Through his work he has enhanced the understanding of adversarial TTPs and created new processes to improve discovery and data analytics to optimize hunting efforts.

Session Topic:

Prepping the Battlefield: using adversary reconnaissance against them

This talk will discuss how taking a proactive stance around public data and easily discoverable information can shape how intrusion attempts take place and where in the network the initial access is likely to happen. By prepping the battlefield in this way you can change the scope of your breach and remediation efforts. This talk will walk through the life cycle of common intrusions and demonstrate how through active misdirection you can influence the where and how of a breach making incidents easier identify to remediate.

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